Financial Exemption

West Palm Beach FC would like to show their appreciation for the dedication and time that has been volunteered to making our program successful. WPBFC will reduce the club fees for the season for up to one child in your family by $200.00. You will be responsible to make the first payment at registration and the balance of your fees will be due at the time of the second payment. For this reduction, you will need to assist in maintaining the normal functions of WPBFC at your position. You also agree to help up hold the FCWPB policies and procedures for the season. Either party may terminate this agreement in writing with or without cause. If you do not complete the season at your position you may have the fee reduction revoked and then would be responsible for the unpaid fees. If that were to occur your child’s account would then be in bad standings until the account is up to date.

This agreement is non-transferable without prior written consent by WPBFC. By signing this agreement, you have indicated that you have read and fully understand all responsibilities as outlined in the previous pages of the contract. You are advised to make a copy of this agreement and keep it with you for your own records. If you receive more than one reduction due to multiple volunteer positions in our organization, they may be added together to meet the registration fees for your family but may not be transferred or redeemed for  currency or other credits.