West Palm Beach Football Club, Inc.

Our Mission is to develop a thriving travel and academy soccer club accessible to all youth players in the West Palm Beach area.  In addition to developing each players ability to grow and play the beautiful game, the club equally focuses on providing a safe and disciplined environment promoting excellence and teamwork that will be a lasting benefit beyond the soccer field..

The team behind this mission came from youth situations where mentors such as coaches and the availability of affordable development in the game they love was a key factor to developing them as productive and quality individuals through life.  Without the outlet in their youth to join a team and receive quality coaching and mentoring, the options available given their living circumstances likely would have put them on a different, likely destructive, path in life.  Instead, they were able to excel and play for college education, opportunities to play at the highest level, and led to successful career development outside of the sport.  As a result, the passion and commitment to provide a similar opportunity for many in West Palm Beach that are not fortunate enough financially to get the training and development through the typical Travel Soccer programs, FC West Palm Beach is geared to provide the foundation for personal development and excellence for each child.

It is not a secret, and is recognized by US Soccer at the highest level, that our great country unfortunately has created a soccer development system that unintentionally excludes the majority of young players from development and opportunity to excel (reaching levels to pay for college and play professionally) because of limited financial resources to participate regardless of ability.  In fact, for the US to compete globally its known that the youth soccer development process must change as many of the great game-changing players are currently not in the soccer development system.  We intend to help change that!


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