Sponsor Guidelines

Our mission is to develop a thriving travel and academy soccer club accessible to all youth players in the West Palm Beach area. In addition to developing each players ability to grow and play the beautiful game, the club equally focuses on providing a safe and disciplined environment promoting excellence and teamwork that will be a lasting benefit beyond the soccer field. It is not a secret, and is recognized by US Soccer at the highest level, that our great country unfortunately has created a soccer development system that unintentionally excludes the majority of young players from development and opportunity to excel (reaching levels to pay for college and play professionally) because of limited financial resources to participate regardless of ability.

West Palm Beach FC, as a non-profit corporation, cannot operate without its sponsors. Each of our sponsors have partnered with WPBFC to offer financial support to our players, products, and services that are critical to our goal of developing the youth players that have a passion to play. By partnering with us it is an incredible opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of the young people in the South Florida area.

Platinum Sponsor: $5,000 plus, two-year commitment (amount shown 2 times)

  • Sponsor logo advertising on team uniform jersey and bags (see notes)
  • Presse release media announcement
  • Website recognition and link to sponsor site
  • Social media exposure
  • Team picture and plaque


$2,500 – $4,999, two-year commitment (amount shown 2 times)

  • Sponsor logo on a team practice (sleeve). (see notes)
  • Website recognition and link to sponsor site
  • Social media exposure
  • Team picture and plaque


$500 – $2,499

  • Website name recognition – logo web banner
  • Team picture and plaque


$250 – $499, two-year commitment


Special Notes:


  • All sponsor money is used for the sole benefit of the players and coaches – less minimal administration expenses not do exceed 5% of the sponsor commitment.

    The cost of the print on any apparel will be borne by the team. Team will receive the sponsor amount net of print expenses.

    Any sponsorship agreements that do not meet approved package must first be approved by the Club Director in writing. Sponsor website recognition will run for one year starting August 1 – July 31st.

    Sponsor recognition frequency via social media will be determined based on sponsor level.

    The sponsor “thank you letter” must be approved by the club director.